This is killing me. I can’t decide between two color schemes for the frame/bike. Duke it out in the comments!

Up first, orange frame. I’d do a pearly dark grey for the tank and seat cowl (instead of baby blue) but the main thing is the orange frame. It’s a big statement.


Or the silver frame and British Racing Green tank/seat. This is a more subdued look, but still quite classy.

Which one?

I got some time this afternoon and decided to go after separating the frame from the engine. I basically took bolts off with little care and just made sure to put them in the same place so that I at least know where they all are when it’s time to put it all back together. I read a tip on the interwebs that you lay the bike on it’s right side and lift the frame off. That was genius. I pulled all the bolts from the right side of the motor. Then I found some cardboard to protect the bike and as gently as possible laid it over. I winced at a little grindy-sound on the stator cover. Of course there was a little fuel in the carbs that spilled. I was glad to cut off that part of the cardboard and get it straight outside! I pulled all the bolts from the left side. Significant wrangling ensued. It was kind of a bitch, but it eventually came (mostly). YT (aka Dumbass) hadn’t cleared the throttle cable yet.
2013 03 09 13 54 51

I fixed that little snag while things were precariously balanced, and then got the frame the rest of the way off. The rest of the wiring loom came off, and now I just have some frame clean-up (like grinding off the center-stand mounts) before it goes off to the powder coaters.
2013 03 09 14 31 50

Session time: 2 hrs
Total Time: 7 hrs

I boxed up and sent off the triples to Classified today. I thought I’d share a view of the difference between the old and the new. You can tell which is which in this pic. Funny thing is that the old triple is about twice the weight of the new. In fact, every single thing that I’ve pulled off this bike has been surprisingly heavy for what it is. A rear peg was a couple of pounds! Every bit and bob must have been made of cast iron! Just stripping it down will help this bike weigh a lot less!

The other funny thing is that the threads for the compression collar and the top triple nut are exactly the same on both sets. I stuck with Honda, but really, after 31 years between models, they are using the exact same threads and “technology” to clamp a steering tube to the frame. I guess you don’t fix what ain’t broke!

2013 03 09 07 32 21

Tonight I finished breaking down the front. Check out my totally ghetto front-end stand. Yes, I think I pulled a muscle dealing with this heavy-ass old bike like this!

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time 5 hrs.

Also, the new front-end arrived today! Woohoo! There’s a shocking difference in the size and scale of the fork legs on the two different front-ends. I’ve pulled the requisite triple trees and will be sending them to Classified shortly. Still have to get the rest of the loom and the mill out of the frame. I have a plan to use some all-thread and fender washers to seal off the various bearing locations (i.e. headset, swing arm pivots, etc.). We’ll see if that flies with the sand blasting and powder coating.

2013 03 08 20 10 46

2013 03 08 21 03 44

2013 03 08 21 03 53

I’ve got the rear of the bike basically torn down. Starting to look at the front. The instrument cluster looks like kind of a pain. I also was sure that I was going to ditch the airbox in favor of pods like the inspiration bikes below. It appears, however, that the internet is fairly unanimous in the opinion that makes the constant-veolcity carbs on this bike run like crap without a lot of patient and tedious jetting. I’m not a patient person. I’ll leave the airbox for now and put up with the compromised aesthetics.

Time in this session: 2 hrs.
Total time: 2 hrs


I’ll add some pics later, but I’ve got the tank and seat off the bike and I’ll say that the “gently used” comment in the last post is a misnomer. It’s got some notable (surface) rust on the frame and the generator cover was bunged-up and leaky. A new one is on the way. I stopped by my local shop today, only to find that they don’t work on bikes this old, so I’ll be on my own for most of the work as needed. And eBay seems to be the best place to find parts!

Speaking of eBay, I found a whole 2012 CBR600RR front end – forks, triples, clipons, switch gear, brakes, rotors, wheel, tire – the whole shebang for $800 (img, img). Needless to say, it’s mine now. Once it arrives, it will be off to Classified for their magic.

I will be totally stripping the frame and having it powder coated. The original tank will be repaired and it and the planned seat cowl will be painted. I’m thinking frame in yellow and tank/seat cowl in British Racing Green. Or orange. We’ll see.