Some More Progress

I fabbed a different kind of headlight/tach mount. It was fairly complicated and consisted of needing multiple, symmetric bends in 1/8" AL plate to make. Suffice to say, my vision exceeded my abilities. It doesn't look too bad, but it's not right, and it's a little wonky. I don't see this solution lasting too long. For one thing, it puts the headlight higher than I want. I also trimmed up the rear fender plastic part. Really just need a tank, some tires, and new brake lines. Oh, and it will need to hold a charge … Getting there.

2013 05 12 15 57 00

2013 05 12 15 57 14

2013 05 12 15 57 31

And Classified Moto just dropped a bike that made my shorts tight. Sets a pretty high bar.

Session time: 4 hrs. Total time: 45 hrs.

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