Linus Satchel Bag


Linus Satchel Bag

I picked up one of these from Calhoun Cycle, looking for a “briefcase pannier” that was a slim profile and suitable to move from the bike to the office without any fuss.

The construction is definitely high quality, but the features are, frankly, terrible.

The rack attachment hooks are simple springy steel hooks with a rubberized coating. They need to manually pried on/off the rack each time.

There’s no top handle to grab to put the bag from the rack, so you’re fumbling with holding on to it, which is a pain if you’re getting another pannier off the other side as well.

The interior has a padded compartment for a computer, and a front compartment for other stuff. The padded compartment is nice, and has a little leather snap strap to retain it. I don’t think it would actually protect your computer if it fell off the bike, however. The small flat pocket on the divider that is in the front pocket, however, is not a real value feature. There’s no pen pockets, so things kind of flop around.

It is comfortable to carry with the cotton strap, but with no grab handle, it’s limited to shoulder strap use only.

All in all, not remotely worth $80. I’ll be returning it to the store soon.

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