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So, it seems that the thing I liked most about the CB project was the project, less the riding. So, I'm selling the CB in order to start the next project! Somebody gets a sweet CB restoration and I get space in my garage for the next one. See here for some pictures of the progress. This is a kick-ass custom resto-mod on a classic vintage japanese bike. The big customizers charge twice as much for less work. This is a killer opportunity.

Stored only in a garage, under a cover. Clean, current title in my name.

Asking $4000 firm. Interested folks in the Twin Cities can do this Craigslist style (i.e. come over with cash ;-) and tell me in the comments. Current Craigslist posting here.

4-into-1 exhaust, jet kit, pod filters. This is a strong bike that pulls like a beast all the way to 10k. Very lightened up from stock. This is a real hoot to ride!

So, here's the run down.
- 1981 CB750K, nearly everything has been re-done or restored. The donor bike was a barn find in Austin MN that had only 8700 miles on it.
- Engine has 8700 miles on it with excellent compression in all cylinders (~145ft-lbs)
- Frame was torn down fully, stripped, and powder coated silver. A few tabs/things were cut off the frame before it was restored. Such as the center-stand (there isn't one now).
- Tank was totally restored with a sweet silver and orange color scheme.
- The front-end was replaced with the front-end from a 2012 CBR600RR front-end. The complete front-end: wheel, brakes, forks, triples, and clipons. I used the Classifed Moto triple tree swap service, so you know the work was well done, as well as new headset bearings. Also installed were stainless steel braided brake lines.
- New Tires - Bridgestone Battleaxes front and rear.
- The seat pan was retained, but it was totally re-upholstered for a slimmed-down sleek look. I retained the ability for biposto (2-up) riding for the wife.
- New DID o-ring chain.
- New NGK Iridium spark plugs
- New headlight, tail light, and turn signals (which all work correctly!). Headlight is mounted on a low-rider custom AL bracket that is pretty slick (no fork ears here)
- Gauges. Single tach that uses the stock cable. I'm using a Sigma bike computer for a speedo. Quite accurate and very moto looking. You can pop on an Acewell for a very sweet look.
- Clipons. From the 2012 front-end.
- Bar-end mirrors that are nice - you don't have a mirror filled with elbow ...
- While the wiring harness is original, the battery is replaced with a Ballistic multi cell and the main electrics are tucked-up in a custom fabricated box under the seat.
- New alternator rotor, stator, and regulator/rectifier as well. So, a fully replaced charging system.  Old Honda's still had some challenges there, so don't expect a modern charging system.  Thats part of the charm of old bikes!
- The carbs have been completely re-built with even new o-rings. Re-jetted to accommodate the 4-into-1 header and open pipe. The stock air box has been replaced with UNI flow pod filters. These are much less susceptible to power loss with a cross-wind than the Emgo or K&N pods.

Now for some pictures with the mods.

DSC 0331

DSC 0332

DSC 0333

DSC 0334

DSC 0335

DSC 0336

DSC 0337

DSC 0338

DSC 0339

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