Back in the saddle!

So, between being deathly ill with what resembled TB and having my parents visit for a weekend, there hasn't been a lot of progress. I got a little more done last night and tonight. Mostly, I got the new battery installed in the custom electrics box with some "custom" wiring. With a good ground, it cranks! Of course, no gas yet ... The tail light and headlight both work well (that is, the brake light comes on when either brake is applied ...). The turn signals don't work right. Still chasing that little electrical gremlin down.

I heard that the tank is close to done, so I need to get my butt in gear and finish the dashboard and headlight assembly!!

When I get it all back together, I'll take it over to Bluecat and have them go over it all, mount some new tires, and re-do the front brake lines with braided jobbies. I'll keep the airbox for now - too expensive at the moment to do a bunch of jetting too!

Session time: 4 hrs. Total time: 41 hrs.

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